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Medical Match was established in 1998 as a privately owned company assisting pharmaceutical companies on a global basis in the facilitation of transactions which provides growth to our Clients’ businesses.

Most of Medical Match´s M & A activities are carried out on behalf of Principals selling shares or divesting assets. However, we also pro-actively assist Principals in the search and acquisition of targets which complement the Principals presence in strategic market segments or geographical areas.

Examples for M & A Projects concluded:
A highly developed pharma company with a product flow that comes from partnerships, licensing and acquisitions wanted to sell its parallel trading business in order to further concentrate on expansion of its pharma business. Medical Match facilitated and concluded the “ideal” match – with a pharma company that focuses on generic products – whereby the transaction value was maximized due to the synergistic effect from combining generics and parrallel imported products.

The owners of a Nordic company engaged in the business of marketing and distribution of hospital pharmaceutical products considered a 100% sale of shares. Through our extensive client base, Medical Match completed a transaction with an a buyer interested in optimizing its own product portfolio and strengthening its market position.

A Top 5 pharmaceutical company wanted to pursue the options for divesting a product portfolio with annual sales of US$ +100M. On behalf of our Principal, Medical Match negotiated and concluded a contract with a value which exceeded our Principal´s internal NPV simulation (criteria for divestment).

Companies are continually faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.

Medical Match assists our Clients all the way until the contract is duly signed.

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