6% Dextran 70 / 7.5% NaCl

Our Principal

Medical Match’s Principal – Oresund Pharma ApS (Oresund Pharma) – is a Danish based specialty
pharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization and marketing of critical care niche
pharmaceutical products. Oresund Pharma’s geographical business focus is the Nordic region.

RescueFlow® - The Product

  • A 250 ml solution containing 6% dextran 70 and 7.5% sodium chloride
  • A new concept drug given intravenously for the therapeutic indication: Initial treatment of hypovolaemia with hypotension induced by traumatic injury
  • "Small Volume Resuscitation":
  • A small volume administered results in a fast and long lasting effect on blood volume by rapidly pulling water from the surrounding tissue into the blood stream
  • Has been shown to be useful in pre-hospital settings as well as in Emergency Care and is further developed for use during surgical procedures
  • RescueFlow® is an originator product, off-patented but with no generic competition, developed by Pharmacia/Pfizer, and with a full documentation/clinical package
  • Market Authorisations are available for the following countries:
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • Bangladesh
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • The RescueFlow® trade mark is registered in all EU-27 countries as well as Norway, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and South Africa.

The Opportunity

The point of use for RescueFlow® is in emergency settings which occur in for example ambulances, rescue helicopters and emergency rooms in hospitals. Since RescueFlow® was developed based on demand from various military forces, the Product is very suitable as standard equipment for the army all over the world. Several Military Forces order RescueFlow® and implement it into their medical aid procedures.
Oresund Pharma has global rights to RescueFlow®, and the Product is considered as being an attractive niche market opportunity with attractive profit margins.

This opportunity appeals to companies wishing to expand their emergency care product portfolio within specialty pharmaceuticals and/or hospital injectables. More specifically, the opportunity targets companies that have the marketing and commercial set-up to promote such a niche product for seriously injured patients in the prehospital emergency care setting – i.e. helicopters, ambulances and the military.

A potential acquirer has the option to continue the manufacturing of the Product at the existing EU based CMO or to move production to a new manufacturer, based on acquirer’s preferences.

RescueFlow® - Unique Selling Points

  • A one-of-a-kind specialized product that potentially could save lives in severely injured patients.
  • 250ml RescueFlow® can rapidly and dramatically increase the plasma volume to 800 ml within the intravascular space in 10 minutes after severe blood loss/hypovolemic shock.
  • Small dose (250ml) is a major logistics advantage in military scenarios (i.e. the volume effect of 250 ml RescueFlow® is equivalent to SOC 3 liters of Ringer Solution), e.g. one paramedic can carry sufficient volume expander in his military kit to treat and sustain 4 wounded soldiers with major life-threatening blood loss under difficult evacuation situations i.e. 3-4 hours before access to clinic or definitive care
  • The small and soft bag can easily be administered in the field – rapid infusion by the pressure of a human hand (a full dose in two to five minutes).
  • Enthusiastic endorsement by the US military since its early development

Transaction Terms

This business opportunity is offered as one global acquisition or on regional basis.


Medical Match has been retained by Oresund Pharma as their sole advisor in connection with finding acquirers for RescueFlow®.
All contacts in this matter should be directed to representatives of Medical Match.
Confidential Information will be released subject to execution of a Confidential Disclosure

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