Alprostadil for injection

20 mcg

Our Principal

Cordane Int. IVS is a Danish based emerging pharmaceutical company – engaged in the
development and marketing of high quality affordable generic products.
Cordane Int. IVS is in possession of unique generic prostaglandin know-how and expertise, and has a number of on-going development programmes in its product pipe-line, including Alprostadil.

The Product

  • Inj. Alprostadil 20 mcg in ampoules
  • Indicated for the treatment of the critical Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

The Market Opportunity

The originator product was introduced in a selected number of global countries and has been on the market for more than 25 years.

The Product addresses the medical treatment problem (PVD) which presents a lucrative market potential due to lack of effectiveness in the current treatment alternatives for these severely ill patients.

In Europe the Product has been launched in +10 countries with Germany by far being the largest market.

In European countries where the Product has not been registered and marketed, such country opportunities can be pursued based on “well established use” via a bibliographic registration dossier.

In addition, the Product has solid sales in emerging markets such as Latin America and Russia.

In Asia and the Far East the Product has a strong presence.
In Asian countries such as Japan and Korea specifically, the Product will be another generic alternative as there are a number of generics already marketed.

In most other markets where the originator product is registered, the Product is to be considered the first generic entry. Introduction into new markets will increase the Product’s sales potential substantially.


The European annual sales for the originator product has demonstrated stable and solid sales over the last several years and is currently estimated at €+15M, with Germany as the largest single market.

In ROW sales amount to approx. € +10M

Offering Appeals to:

  • Companies wishing to expand/strengthen their injectable product portfolio with an attractive product in the cardiovascular field.
  • Companies focused within generic hospital products.
  • Companies with the relevant experience and commercial set-up for introducing a cardiovascular product to the market.

Transaction Terms

Cordane Int.’s Alprostadil 20 mcg product is a business opportunity with global commercialization rights. Cordane Int. is looking for Licensee/s on a global basis with capabilities for generating high volumes in order to potentially becoming the market leader.

Individual agreements can be obtained at exclusive commercial terms including:

i) Licensing Fee
ii) Supply of finished manufactured product at attractive terms
iii) Apply own trade name
iv) Own submission for registration


Medical Match has been retained by Cordane Int. as their sole advisor in connection with this business opportunity.
Bona fide interested parties wishing to pursue this opportunity are invited to contact the person detailed hereunder.
Confidential Information will be released subject to execution of a Confidential Disclosure

Medical Match A/S
Dronningens Tvaergade 9
1302 Copenhagen
Tel: +45 33 32 31 70

Svend Johansen
Tel: +45 28403916

Marcus Johansen
Project Manager
Tel: +45 27643916

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